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RitimPort Fully Automatic Defibrillator The AED is a Ritimport fully automatic defibrillator, which defines the rhythm and automatically delivers the shock independently from the operator when defibrillation is required. There is no defibrillation button on RitimPort fully automated defibrillator, as the defibrillation procedure is applied by the device. automated defibrillator There is no SHOCK button on RitimPort fully automated defibrillator but they are present on RitimPort semi-automated defibrillator. In functional terms, RitimPort semi-AED is no different from RitimPoint fully automated defibrillator or RitimPort semi-automated defibrillators.

Fully Automatic Defibrillator or Semi-Automated Defibrillator: Which to Choose? In terms of diagnosis and treatment, there are no differences between RitimPort fully automatic defibrillator and RitimPort semi-automated defibrillators. Unlike semi-automated defibrillators, fully automatic defibrillators do not have a SHOCK / Defibrillation button after performing ECG analysis if the device detects that delivering electroshock to the patient is necessary, it charges the required energy and automatically delivers the defibrillation procedure. However, if the defibrillator is semi-automated, after performing the ECG analysis and detecting that defibrillation is required, the devices charges the necessary energy and instructs the operator to press the SHOCK / Defibrillation button in order to deliver the procedure. In short, semi-automated external defibrillators perform the defibrillation procedure when the operator presses the SHOCK button.

Even though they could not obtain conclusive results, several research studies have shown that fully automatic defibrillator users managed to perform defibrillation earlier than semi-automated defibrillator users. Moreover, compared with semi-automatic defibrillator users, fully automatic defibrillator users are less likely to make a significant error during use. Apart from that, according to the inconclusive research, when users who do not have medical training operate semi-automated defibrillators, they feel anxious about harming the patient by pressing the SHOCK / Defibrillation button, which in turn causes delays defibrillation or not performing it at all. Therefore, even though there is no difference between these two types of defibrillators in terms of diagnosis and treatment, it may be concluded that fully automatic defibrillators are more effective than semi-automated defibrillators.

In the Simplest Terms, What is a Defibrillator? A medical device that stops abnormal rapid beating of the heart, and returns it to its normal rhythm is called a defibrillator. It is also called an electroshock device. If the cardiac rhythm called ventricular tachycardia affects the atrium, the working order of the heart is disrupted.

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